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Thursday, June 14, 2012


This week has seen a lot of life!
It started with getting to see Baby E Last Friday, and he is looking so good! 

Our doctor tried to peek and see if baby E is a boy or a girl, but our shy little tadpole had his legs crossed AND the umbilical chord was between his legs. It was clearly not time for us to know! We got to see his nose, and his heart beating so fast, and his long feet. 

(Check out the end for my weekly update!)

That afternoon, on our way to rehearsal dinner for a dear friend, I was called and offered my dream position, Labor and Delivery, at the hospital where this baby will be making his debut. Of course, this wedding was out of cell phone range, so the announcement had to wait until late that night. I will start July 9! I just hope this baby stays put until the end of November, so that I can work for a month on my own!

The following day, we got to witness two wonderful people say, "I do!" My hubby performed wonderfully in his best-manly duties. He didn't even lose the ring! 

Congrats, Mr. & Mrs. Gambino!!

Week 15 Stats: 
How far along?  15 Weeks, 6 days
Total weight gain/loss?  -4 pounds ( I got in a little trouble for that one)
Maternity clothes?  Yes, I'm wearing mostly maternity, with some stretchy clothes. They're just so comfy!!
Stretch marks? Yes, across my tummy. I'm putting cream on them, but it seems like a losing battle. 
Sleep?  Hilarious! My dreams are CRAZY! I tell Chris about them each morning and he just laughs at me.
Movement?  None yet... I can't wait!!!
Food cravings?  Red meet, Fruity Candy, Unsweet Tea
Gender? Nope. We tried, but our shy baby wouldn't let us see. 
Labor signs? better not be any...
Belly button in/out? IN...
What I miss: This week, I miss normal dreams. :)
What I am looking forward to: Looking really pregnant, instead of just confusingly chubby. 
Milestones: The baby can hear my voice!

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